Property Management

If you wish to eliminate the time consuming day-to-day management of a property, and you have no idea whom you could rely on, you can seek the assistant from LINQ Property.


We can assist and handles the day-to-day management of the property, serving as a liaison between the owner and any tenants.  We will assist in handling the property maintenance, supervising building repairs and ensuring outgoing expenses are paid.


Our staffs are experienced, passionate, and innovative and have the experience to manage your asset whether that is a high rise residential, retail or commercial building.





Your specific goals and objectives are our primary consideration in the management of your property. Our Property Managers understand how the market impacts on your investment and will work with you to improve the yield from your property.


Property management involves a lot of detail work, and there is time consuming and tedious. Issues could occur if handle it incorrectly. We, LINQ Property aim to relieve any potential stress from managing the property for the landlord. Our Property Managers understand the legislation and market drivers that could help with your real estate investment, and what Property Managers can do will far more than collecting rent and sourcing tenants.




Let LINQ Property relieve your stress by managing your Property. We understand the market and we know how to achieve the best return on your property.




Finding the right place is just the start. As a LINQ Property Tenant have confidence in knowing that your property manager will make your experience in renting a positive one.




Finding the right investment is the key. LINQ Property can assist you with finding the right property, property investment strategies, strategies to improve yield and finance.


The main difference between a qualified property managers and self-managed landlords generally as follows:


  1. Property Manager helps the landlord to avoid unnecessary disputes and offenses
  2. Property Manager understands and able to provide the knowledge of The Residential Tenancies Act in order to maintain a fair and professional relationship between the landlord and tenant
  3. Property Manager is familiar with the Residential Tenancies Act, and so could provide;
    • Property inspection and condition report
    • Better and effective leasing strategy and advertisement
    • Tenant selection and filter it for landlord to approve
    • Lease agreement and related document preparation
    • Lodge your tenants’ Bond money in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act requirements and within the required timeframe
    • Complete a valid Property Condition Report with enough detail to stand up in Court if necessary
    • Concise knowledge of The Residential Tenancies Act to effectively represent in Court
    • Right procedure when dealing with rental payment arrears and recover any outstanding debts
  4. Emergency occurred and able to arrange maintenance technician to fix it
  5. Landlord is tend to harder to source the right tenant due not able to get the personal credibility record



If you own a rental property and are looking to maximise your return consider LINQ Property

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